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The Death of All Things


No matter what humanity tries, Death always wins. Or does it?

Discover the answer in The Death of All Things, where twenty-two writers take their shot at the Grim Reaper with explorations of the mythical, fantastical, and futuristic bonds between life and death. Learn the cost of mortality, the perils—and joys—of the afterlife, and the potential pitfalls of immortality…

Featuring stories from: K. M. Laney, Andrea Mullen, Faith Hunter, Kendra Leigh Speedling, Jason M. Hough, Julie Pitzel, Shaun Avery, Christie Golden, Leah Cutter, Aliette de Bodard, Andrew Dunlop, Juliet E. McKenna, A. Merc Rustad, Ville Meriläinen, Amanda Kespohl, Mack Moyer, Fran Wilde, Kathryn McBride, Andrija Popovic, Jim C. Hines, Stephen Blackmoore, and Kiya Nicoll.

“Raveling” by K. M. Laney                                                      
“Death and Mrs. Morrison” by Andrea Mullen                                                 
“Death and the Fashionista” by Faith Hunter                                                    
“Awake, Awake” by Kendra Leigh Speedling                                   
“The End” by Jason M. Hough                                              
“The Dance” by Julie Pitzel                                                     
“The Legend of John Barrett” by Shaun Avery                                                  
“The Wolves of Lady Death” by Christie Golden                                              
“Wedding Vows” by Leah Cutter                                                    
“Cicada Song, in a Country Since Long Gone” by Aliette de Bodard                                               
“Dying on Stage” by Andrew Dunlop                                             
“A Constant Companion” by Juliet E. McKenna                                         
“Thrice Remembered” by A. Merc Rustad                                             
“Charnel House” by Ville Meriläinen                                             
“How Death Came By His Soul” by Amanda Kespohl                                           
“The Tab” by Mack Moyer                                                
“Death and My Mentions” by Fran Wilde                                                    
“A Shift in Mood” by Kathryn McBride                                          
“Finding the Dancer” by Andrija Popovic                                             
“The Fallow Grave of Dream” by Jim C. Hines                                                  
“What Happens in Vegas” by Stephen Blackmoore                                      
“Delayed Exchange Deferred” by Kiya Nicoll

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