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Everyone has their eyes set on the black depths of space…but what about the deep abysses of the ocean? What dark monsters swim unseen beneath the waves? What ancient wonders lie hidden, waiting to be discovered? What sirens call, either here on Earth or in the icy waters of a far off planet…or even at the bottom of a wine glass? So much remains to be explored below the surface, where light fades and the pressure kills.

Here are seventeen stories from today’s leading science fiction and fantasy authors that take us into those depths, whether we want to or not. Join Seanan McGuire, Michael Robertson, Esther Friesner, F. Brett Cox, Wendy Nikel, Marsheila Rockwell & Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Jody Lynn Nye, Bill Kte’pi, Jenna Rhodes, Susan Jett, James Van Pelt, J.C. Koch, Misty Massey, A. Merc Rustad, David Farland, Sara M. Harvey, and Nicky Drayden as they explore unfathomable trenches, underwater volcanoes, and abyssal plains. Take the plunge…into the Deep End!

"Rust in Peace" by Seanan McGuire              
"Another Dream to Europa" by Michael Robertson                                         
"Go With the Flow" by Esther Friesner          
"The Deep End" by F. Brett Cox                     
"Through Milkweed and Gloom" by Wendy Nikel                                              
"Son of Blob" by Marsheila Rockwell & Jeffrey J. Mariotte                                         
"Under Pressure" by Jody Lynn Nye            
"The Last of the Real Good Days" by Bill Kte’pi                                                   
"The Windlost" by Jenna Rhodes                  
"Tamatori" by Susan Jett                               
"High Sulfur Hot Springs and Camping Park" by James Van Pelt                                        
"The City Under the Sea" by J.C. Koch        
“Pen’s Bracer” by Misty Massey                   
"Fathoms Deep and Fathoms Cold" by A. Merc Rustad                                        
"River of Stars" by David Farland                 
"The Byssus Woman" by Sara M. Harvey                                        
"The Seven Nights of Squidmas" by Nicky Drayden



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