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ZNB Presents: Year One

Order ZNB PRESENTS: YEAR ONE here: Trade Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Cover Art Print.


Welcome to the first year’s worth of stories from the new online magazine ZNB Presents published by the small press Zombies Need Brains. In these pages, you will find original science fiction and fantasy stories of awe and wonder, darkness and light, ranging through all of the subgenres, including urban fantasy, alternate history, space opera, fairy tales, and more. They come from the most talented authors in the field today—new voices as well as trusted and familiar names. Join us as we explore visions of the past, present, and future, as we encounter strange new creatures, both in our own backyard, in the depths of space, and our own imagination. Here you will:

--Enter an abandoned colony on a hostile world
--Stop time in order to search for a missing child
--Come face-to-face with a horrific Stampede on an alien planet
--Battle a murderous golem made of salt
--Fight in the brutal pits of an apocalyptic America
--Race one final time on a futuristic gravity track
--Find betrayal and redemption in a world full of clowns
--Hunt for those who are killing your fellow gunslingers
--Rebel with the Little Match Girl in a search for a fate beyond her story

And so much more! Twenty-four stories written by Brian Hugenbruch, Jason Palmatier, Diana A. Hart, Evan Marcroft, Cislyn Smith, Hazel King, Barbara Ashford, Ryan T. McFadden, Maria Z. Medina, Adria Bailton, Marie Brennan, Crystal Sarakas, Marc Fleury, Anaea Lay, Desmond Astaire, A. Katherine Black, P.A. Cornell, Alma Alexander, Antony Paschos, Jack Gallegos, Brian Crenshaw, Chloie Piveral, Evergreen Lee, and L.D. Colter, each with its own illustration by artists Kat D’Andrea, Ariel Guzman, or Gulzara Tokhtamysheva.

Welcome to the multifaceted worlds of ZNB Presents.

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“When the Salt Burns Green” by Brian Hugenbruch
“Colony ZNB” by Jason Palmatier
“Daughters of Wood” by Diana A. Hart
“Empty Houses Among the Stars” by Evan Marcroft
“Balancing the Scales” by Cislyn Smith
“The Faceless and the Gone” by Hazel King
“The Match Game” by Barbara Ashford
“Carnival at the End of the Universe” by Ryan T. McFadden
“In This Corner of the Universe” by Maria Z. Medina
“A Dress of Flowers” by Adria Bailton
"Crafting Chimera” by Marie Brennan
“It's the End of the World (As We Know It)” by Crystal Sarakas
“Aaron's Lock” by Marc Fleury
“The Hospitality of Bella Tierra” by Anaea Lay
"Cherenkov Time" by Desmond Astaire
"Eugie and the Last Angel" by A. Katherine Black
"The Smell of Sawdust" by P.A. Cornell
"Moments in Time" by Alma Alexander
"Three Stars to Guide a 32-Bit Ghost" by Antony Paschos
"Seen and Unseen" by Jack Gallegos
"The Crow and the Six Gun" by Brian Crenshaw
"We Go!" by Chloie Piveral
"First Impressions" by Evergreen Lee
"Dreams Beneath a Shattered Sky" by L.D. Colter


Order ZNB PRESENTS: YEAR ONE here: Trade Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Cover Art Print.

All contents are copyright of Zombies Need Brains, LLC., 2017.