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Zombies Need Brains LLC is a small press owned and operated by Joshua Palmatier.  It focuses on producing professional-quality science fiction and fantasy themed anthologies, initially funded by Kickstarters.  The intent is to produce at least two anthologies a year, then branch out into more anthologies and other stand-alone books once the press has gained its footing.

At the moment, Zombies Need Brains LLC is not open to novel or short story submissions.  However, each anthology will have an open submission window for a short period immediately after the successful funding of its Kickstarter.  Keep watch for new Kickstarters (usually starting in August sometime).  As soon as a Kickstarter is funded, there will be an announcement about how to submit stories to its open call.

Zombies Need Brains’ main goals are to provide a new outlet for themed anthologies, to rescue abandoned and orphaned series that have been dropped by other publishers, and to eventually print original novels and series from established and new writers.

We thank you for your interest in Zombies Need Brains LLC.

To contact Zombies Need Brains LLC with questions or comments, email contact@zombiesneedbrains.com.



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